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Yoga, babies and podcasts: A few of my favourite things

The cats on the mat!

As much as I love to see raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, they’re not on my list of favourite things. My list (which I’ve very indulgently expanded on, below) includes things like yoga, babies (my own, at least!), and podcasts. So it was an enormous pleasure to be invited on to the Seventh Series podcast with Gaynor Stanicic to speak about my Ashtanga yoga practice and how it evolved before, during and after the birth of my daughter, Iris – and about the birth itself.

If yoga, babies and podcasts are on your list too, or if you found my Postnatal Primary posts helpful, you might like to brew a cuppa and hunker down for a listen. There are lots of other people’s stories available to listen to as well – and they’re all really interesting.

A few of my favourite things:

  • My sunny little daughter, Iris, and all her quirks (“Coucou, le vent!”)
  • Writing (hop over to my portfolio for a flavour of the kind of things I like to write)
  • Yoga (Ashtanga in particular, although I’m not a ‘strict’ Ashtangi by any means)
  • Radio programmes and podcasts (hmm, I feel another list coming on… Next blog!)
  • Brown paper packages tied up with strings (all hail snail mail! By the way, did you see the video about the new ‘Mail Scent’ marketing services launched by one of my clients, Maximise?)
  • Chocolate (Lidl’s own 70% Fairtrade, organic chocolate is the most delicious bargain I’ve ever encountered and it passes my lips each and every day)
  • Marc Chagall’s Opéra Garnier ceiling (in fact, all of his paintings – especially The poet Reclining)
  • Free things (apples, Carrefour recipe cards, herbs from the local ‘jardin pédagogique’, books from the ‘Livres Vagabonds‘ boxes dotted around our village)

What are your favourite things? Do we share any passions? Leave a comment below!

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