The secret to dealing with competitors

Dealing with competitors

The problem with business is this: you think you’re onto a winner and then along comes someone else offering the same product or service – AKA a competitor. Da da daaaaarrrghh!

One way of dealing with competitors is to get all mad and angry and to make a cunning plan to overthrow their business by stealing their customers.

But the problem with a lot of humans is this: it’s not in their nature to trash other people – whether that’s by making unfavourable comparisons, or even by doing so well with their own business, that another person’s business suffers.

Dealing with competitors in the yoga world…

Both the above can be particularly irksome problems for people running yoga classes, studios and retreats – dealing with competitors in the way described above won’t aid anyone on their spiritual path.

But there IS a way to be a compassionate competitor – and you can find out what it is in this guest blog I’ve written on the topic for the international yoga directory, Yoga Trail.

Even if you’re not working in the yoga industry, I hope you’ll find some of the advice useful – especially if the opening paragraphs of this blog resonated with you.

Go on, do a Hanuman and take a leap over to the Yoga Trail website – and if you are a yoga professional, I highly recommend setting up a free profile (this is what mine looks like), while you’re there!

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