The Cat on the Mat

And so, The Cat on the Mat was born… Not an actual kitten spilling out onto a mat – nothing gruesome like that. I mean this blog, of course. About which you currently know very little – the reason I’ve decided to deliver my first post in the form of a Q&A…

Who is The Cat on the Mat?
Katy Wright from Leeds, England, is The Cat on the Mat. Although I’m generally found quite far from Leeds these days, in France or South East Asia. Apparently, I’m a Digital Nomad – basically, someone who works online from, well, anywhere where there’s a good wifi connection.

The cat on the mat
One of my England ‘offices’

Why ‘The Cat on the Mat’?
A number of reasons:

  1. My business name, CopyKatyWright, plays on the words copywrite and copycat
  2. I am both a student and teacher of yoga, and can often be found on my mat (see The Yoga Connection)
  3. Although I’m happy to write about any topic, I specialise in writing copy for yoga businesses and offering business advice from a yogic perspective
  4. It sounds like the name of another word lover: The Cat in the Hat, a character seen on the covers and sometimes the pages of the Dr. Seuss books – including my childhood favourite, There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!

What exactly will I get from The Cat on the Mat?
A rare, possibly unique, combination of copywriting and online marketing tips and advice, a glimpse into the world of a copywriting yogini, and a yogic look at the world of business – and the business of yoga! Posts will generally fall into one of the categories below:

  • The Business of Yoga (and the Yoga of Business) – eg. Why it’s okay to make money as a yoga teacher
  • CopyKatyWright news! – eg. English copywriter travels home on a yoga mat!
  • Cool Stuff for Cats – copywriting and online marketing tips and tricks you’ll want to copy!
The cat on the mat
Pai Chao Kha, our home for a month

Is that your cat?
No, the cat featured in the image at the top of this blog is one my boyfriend and I temporarily adopted whilst living in the slow-paced hippy town of Pai, in Northern Thailand. Her name, we eventually discovered, is Ka-ting and she features in the opening line of a poem I wrote about Pai…

Are you anti-dogs?
I used to be, probably because an Alsation bit me on my head (in the space between my eyebrows) when I was about 7 years old. It left a vertical scar that sits just above a chicken pox scar, so I now have an exclamation mark etched into my head. However, having met a lot of nice dogs over the years (my favourite of all time being a little French dog known as Hazard – see pic below), I’ve realised they’re not all waiting to inscribe further punctuation marks on my face.

The cat on the mat
The dog on the chair

What kind of mat do you use? On which mat, sits the cat?
I use a Jade travel yoga mat – a black, 3mm thin mat made of natural rubber. It’s slightly heavy for travelling at just under 1.5kg, but worth it for the comfort and durability alone. Back in England, currently under my sister’s protection, is my long, thick and sturdy ashtanga mat. I don’t think even an army of Kino MacGregors could wear it out, it’s so strong!

Where can I sign up for more of this kind of talk??
Just click on the ‘Subscribe to this blog’ button on the right-hand side of this page and you’ll have the latest The Cat on the Mat posts delivered direct to your inbox. You can also follow @copykatywright on Twitter, for a pick n mix of copywriting and yoga posts, as well as general online banter.

If you have any burning questions I’ve missed off this list, or a question you’d like me to answer in a blog post, about how yogic philosophy can be applied to a business conundrum you’ve encountered, please leave a comment below.

That’s all for miaow, sorry, now 🙂

3 Comments on “The Cat on the Mat

  1. Wonderful Katy cat . Enjoyable reading bravo ?x

  2. Have you considered setting up your own yoga retreat at any point during your travels? …

  3. Well, I would like to do some teaching again at some point… But running a retreat is no mean feat, so I’m more likely to be helping to promote someone else’s retreat at the moment! Why, do you have half a dozen friends who’d be up for it? 😉

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