Copywriting services

Copywriting services

I can provide you with all sorts of copywriting services, but they all amount to the same thing: words – correctly spelt* words held together with accurate (but occasionally playful) grammar. Words designed to woo your intended audience; words they will want to read and respond to, whether that response comes in the form of brand awareness, a website visit, a purchase, a subscription or a social media share.

Scroll down for a leisurely browse through the services I offer and, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, but you like the way I write, get in touch anyway. I’ve done all sorts of odd-jobs that aren’t listed here, from writing a lists of ‘house rules’ for a pub, to bios, to an entire crowdfunding page. I’m always open to suggestions and I’ll be honest if my skills don’t match your requirements (I have no interest in wasting your time or mine, trying to do something I’m not good at!).

*Doesn’t look like correct spelling to you? Then you’re probably more familiar with US English. I’m from the UK, but I can write for your audience too – just let me know your preference.

Online copywriting services

  • Blogs
  • Web pages
  • Marketing emails
  • Proofreading & re-writing

Offline copywriting services

  • Video scripts
  • Magazine articles
  • Press releases
  • Opinion pieces

Online copywriting services


Around 60 million people blog on sites like WordPress and a further 440 million blogs can be found on social network, Tumblr, according to this hosting company. Haven’t we all got a lot to say?! Of course, they’re not all commercial – far from it! – but having a blog is considered to be a pretty essential part of any professional website these days (even roofing companies are at it!), and here’s why:

  1. They keep websites fresh (which will make you popular with The Mighty Google!)
  2. Demonstrate expertise in a particular field, which makes you more trustworthy (to users and Google)
  3. Bring in new audiences, thanks to being shared on social networks – meaning more potential customers for you, and a higher ranking with, yes, you guessed it, Google!

Here are a few examples of the blogs I’ve written for my clients:

Web pages

As well as helping search engines like Google determine what your website is about (meaning it’s more likely to feature in a list of relevant search results), your static web pages tell visitors what you do, or rather, what you can do for them. If your blogs tell them you’re an expert in your field, then your pages need to tell them how they can benefit from your expertise in return for their time, money, email address, etc. But with most web users spending an average of 15 seconds reading a page, they need to be compelling and persuasive – like these ones, which I was hired to write:

Proofreading & re-writing

I’m always pleased to be asked to proofread, re-write or unscramble something a client has already had a go at writing themselves, or transform someone’s notes into readable copy. In the examples below, StudioDH and AuB Talent provided me with lots of pre-written copy to work on, whereas Yoga Spirit Circle gave me notes about their guest teachers’ retreats and asked me to use them to write descriptions for their website.

Marketing emails

If you’ve got an email database (which complies with GDPR laws), then an email marketing campaign can be an effective way of reaching your audience. But it’s so important to get every detail right.
In 2019, the number of emails sent per day was 293.6 billion! But the average open rate was 22.1%. I can help you craft emails that are enticing, compelling and designed to elicit a response.

Offline copywriting services

Sometimes, the whizzy world of websites doesn’t cut it and what you need is some good old-fashioned print and broadcast media to get the attention you want. With over a decade of working in BBC radio and online behind me, as well as various encounters with the worlds of print and film, I can provide a range of offline copywriting services. Here are some examples of the kind of projects I’ve taken on:

Video scripts

  • ChatPod – easy-to-construct ‘isolation booths’, for private calls and meetings in otherwise open spaces.
  • Greenline Hybrid – a yacht with a 4th generation hybrid engine.
  • DWM International – a company which specialises in worldwide debt collection.    
  • Sparkasse Dortmund – awareness / info video about the simplicity of online banking.

Magazine articles

  • French Entrée – I get two hits out of one here, because this is a press release I wrote, published in full!
  • Yorkshire Life – an oldie but a goodie, this is something I wrote to promote my own yoga classes, when I lived in York, UK (I now live in Brittany, West France).

Press releases

  • French Entrée – I’m really milking this one, which got a mention above, too!
  • York Press – another of my press releases published in full. Very satisfying!
  • Prolific North – a slightly re-hashed publication of a press release I put together.

Opinion pieces

  • Prolific North – an op-ed I co-wrote (they’re not my opinions, I just helped to present them clearly).

Want a quote for some work?

Contact me to let me know your requirements (if you’re not sure what they are, we can always discuss that first) and I’ll let you know the cost.