Freelance copywriter

Freelance copywriter over the moon (thankfully!)

How do you become a freelance copywriter? Since you’ve clicked on the ‘About’ page, I’ll tell you my story…

Ever since the first edition of the Monthly Moon hit the imaginary shop shelves of my childhood bedroom, I’ve been perfecting the art of writing persuasive and compelling copy (I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy a magazine with 5 free badges??!). It’s an approach that has worked out rather well – and enabled me to establish myself as a freelance copywriter.

Freelance copywriter Katy Wright made an early start in her career!
Freelance copywriter Katy Wright made an early start in her career!

Using words, I persuaded my university tutors to award me a first class honours degree (tackling subjects such as Universalism versus Relativism – I’m on the side of Universalism, in case you’re wondering), convinced the BBC to employ me for a decade (giving me the opportunity to do snazzy things like speak to Joan Rivers in preparation for an interview on Woman’s Hour, and produce a programme from the top of Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth), and successfully grew a thriving yoga teaching business using a combination of traditional, print-based marketing techniques and social media campaigns.

And then….

Then, I left it all behind, choosing instead to satisfy my wanderlust, my desire to meet people with incomparable lives, see the unimaginable, and experience things that would make my heart sing! Alas, it turned out that while you can take the girl away from the words, you can’t take the words away from the girl, and so began a travel blog, The Wright Path.

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Muizenberg, South Africa – home to an equal number of surfers and sharks!

Carrying about a lifelong love of radio also had an impact on my travels, with me spending two months in South Africa making radio features with pupils at a small, under-resourced school in a place called Ocean View, not far from Cape Point. If you ever get the instinct and, importantly, the opportunity to do such a thing, DO IT! And if it happens to be one of the world’s best places for surfing too, well, you just struck gold.

And now…

Well, after 18 months traveling the world (you’ll catch a glimpse of some of the places I’ve been in the photos I use on this website) , I’m now living in North-West France – thanks to a holiday romance which turned into oh-so-much more!

Based in Brittany, I now spend my days enjoying a happy combination of writing (of course), practising yoga (see the yoga connection), exploring coastal trails and inland walks, eating pain au chocolates and… looking after our baby girl, Iris!

Working as a freelance copywriter allows me to live this life, indulge my love of writing, and, of course,  help other groups and individuals get what they want, by providing them with persuasive and compelling copy written with their audiences in mind.