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Digital nomad Weligama

A digital nomad’s guide to Weligama, Sri Lanka

When I first came to Weligama in 2014, being online wasn’t much of an issue – like most other people visiting the town, I was there to surf waves, not the internet. This time, I arrived with an… Read More

free online marketing tricks

5 free online marketing tricks for attracting new yoga students

I was talking to a yoga-teacher friend recently, who’s just moved house. Now living in a different neighbourhood, she’s faced with having to find enough students to fill the new classes she’s set up. “What’s a girl to do?”… Read More

Dealing with competitors

The secret to dealing with competitors

The problem with business is this: you think you’re onto a winner and then along comes someone else offering the same product or service – AKA a competitor. Da da daaaaarrrghh! One way of dealing with competitors is to… Read More