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Looking for a top-notch copywriter?

I’m Katy, a freelance, free-range copywriter with a long history of writing in one format or another: news and programme scripts, magazine articles, online reviews, brochures, blogs (and my own personal diaries), even a storybook about honeybees…

I provide online and offline writing services to entrepreneurs, adventurers, makers and seekers scattered across the globe (honestly, I do!). I’ll happily write about any subject, but many of my clients are yoga people – teachers, studio owners and retreat organisers – which is one reason why my blog, The Cat on the Mat, has a definite yoga bent (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Hire this one!

I charge competitive rates because I work from home, wherever that might be (the photos I use on my website and blog posts offer a steady stream of clues). So with CopyKatyWright, you get the best of both worlds, while I get the best of the world; quality copy at a reasonable rate. And by quality, I mean:

  • Accuracy With a First-class honours degree and over a decade of working as a journalist for the BBC under my belt, I’ll make sure you get it right (it ain’t called CopyKatyWright for no reason).
  • Versatility I am a jack of all trades and master of one: writing. You can be assured that this freelance copywriter is able to research and write about anything from dementia care and Middle East politics, to the latest trends in hat design and the history of chocolate.
  • Reliability If we’ve agreed on a deadline, I will meet it. A freelancer’s input is only part of the bigger picture for you, and for that picture to remain clear, you need to someone you can trust to get the job done – and on time!

Have a scoot around my site, for more information about the services I provide and to see examples of my work.

If you’re a yoga teacher, studio owner or retreat organiser, you might also want to read The Yoga Connection, which explains how I’ve come to specialise in writing for yoga businesses and individuals.

If you don’t find what you’re after, please do get in touch.

Thanks for dropping in!


.P.S. If you use social media, feel free to share any content you find on my website, which you think is worth sharing – and help spread the word about my copywriting services in the process! And if you don’t already, follow @copykatywright on Twitter for free content writing and online marketing tricks & tips, yoga insights, and general banter.